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Windows 7 – Wireless

The Connection Procedure at UAIC Wireless Network using the Windows 7 operating system


In order to be able to set up the wireless connection, the computer has to be equipped with a wireless adapter (the “Network card”), the corresponding drivers have to be correctly installed, in Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center the interface has to be enable and the IP address has to be obtained using the DHCP.

In order to create a network connection you have to take the following steps:


Observation: The users that already have an account and an access password in the network will go directly to the 9th step

    • Click on wireless from System Tray and select Connect to a network.
    • Select  uaic și networking and click Connect
    • Select Connect Anyway
    • You can register and complete the form:


Registration form for university employees (teachers and auxiliary personel included)

Registration form for students

Registration form for guests (Guests)

Registration form for POSTDOC researchers


Attention!!! By filling in the registration form, you acknowledge your agreement with the Security Policy and the Security Plan of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University.


After the form is filled in, in maximum 3 working days, the data will be processed. Within the 3 working days, if your data were not yet processed, by accessing the verification page of the existence of the account you will be notified that your personal data cannot be found in the database.

  • If there is no discrepancy between the data introduced by you in the registration form and those from the database of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, the user name with which you will authenticate in the network can be found out by accessing, within the 3 working days, the verification page of the existence of the account.
  • If upon the data verification there were traced some discrepancies between the data introduced by you in the registration form and those from the database of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, your account will not be created. You can find the notification of this fact by accessing the evidence page of the rejected registration requests.
  • After the data were processed and after you obtained the network access user name you have to access the link towards the page from where you can download the encryption program of the connection: https://register.uaic.ro/downloads/SecureW2_EAP_Suite_111.exe
    • In the partition where the Windows operating system is installed, in the Program Files directory, create a new directory, named Secure W2.Pașii pentru instalarea programului SecureW2_EAP_Suite_111.exe sunt:
  • Confirm the utilization of the interface in English by selecting the OK button
  • Select Next in order to start the installation of the program:
  • Select I Agree in order to accept the program license
  • Select all options and click on the Install button
  • Upon the completion of the program installation check the option I want to manually reboot latter and select the Finish button


The SecureW2_EAP_Suite_111.exefree version application is not compatible with all versions of Windows 7. If after the completion of the installation your operating system requests the confirmation of the fact that the application was correctly installed, confirm this. In this situation, nevertheless, after you restart your computer, check if the program SecureW2 EAP Suite is present in the list of the applications that can be uninstalled: Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a program.


  • In case the application does not appear in the list you can force the manual installation of the application. Although this method works in the majority of the cases, we recommend it only to advanced users:
  • Assuming that the operating system is installed on the partition C (replace the partition with the one corresponding to your computer), in the C:Program FilesSecureW2 directory, download and save the application: https://register.uaic.ro/downloads/SecureW2/Uninstall.exe
  • Download and save in the directory C:WindowsSystem32 the following files:








  • Click Start, in the „Search programs and files” field write cmd and press Enter.
  • In the command-line thus obtained write and launch the following commands:

regsvr32 /s sw2_gtc [Enter]

regsvr32 /s sw2_peap [Enter]

regsvr32 /s sw2_ttls [Enter]

  • Restart the computer. After this operation, the application has to be functional.
  • After installing the SecureW2 EAP Suite application, in order to configure the wireless connection click on: Start → Control Panel and select Network and Internet
  • In Network and Internet select Network and Sharing Center


  • Select the Manage wireless networks option


  • In the Manage wireless networks panel, click Add


  • Select the option Manually create a network profile

  • Fill in the necessary options for the connection:
  • In the Network name field write:

wlcadre if you are teaching staff

wlstud if you are a student

wladmin if you carry out your activity within the administrative services of any faculty

wladm if you carry out your activity within the administrative services of the university

wlextra for any other natural or legal person who is in contact with the university and benefits from a network access account.

  • For the Security type select the option WPA2-Entreprise
    • For the Encryption type select the option AES
    • If you wish to connect automatically to the network, select the option Start this connection automatically. Otherwise, the connection to the network will be made only when you wish so and when you are situated in range of the wireless network.
    • In this moment your connection is configured and you can use the wireless network with the ssid corresponding to your statute.
  • Select the option Connect even if the network is not broadcasting and then click Next


  • In order to change the specific parameters of the connection select Change connection settings

  • In the Wireless Network Properties window select the Security tab
  • In the Security tab, for the Choose a network authentication method field select SecureW2: SecureW2 EAP-TTLS and then click on Settings

In this moment we will configure the parameters used by the SecureW2 program.

  • In the window SecureW2 Configuration select Configure
  1. In the tab Connection select Enable session resumption (quick connect)
  2. In the tab Certificates select Verify server certificate andVerify server name. For the name server use onix.uaic.ro and after that click on Add CA
  3. In the window SecureW2 Add Trusted Root CA select the  UTN-USERFirst-Hardware certificate and click Add CA
  4. The Certificates tab:
  5. In the tab Authentication, for the Select Authentication Method field: select the PAP method
  6. Complete the fields and select Advanced
  7. In the window SecureW2 Advanced select Allow users to setup new connection and click OK
  8. Use the OK button to close the User account, after fereastra SecureW2 Configuration and the tab Wireless Network Properties.
  9. In this moment your connection is configured and you can use the wireless network with the ssid that corresponds to your statute.
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